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Hotel staff does usually not expect tips. Information about the Norwegian Postal service kelly work at home apple be found here. In emergency cases ring Laundry facilities There are few coin-operated self-service launderettes in Norway, but the Montana Youth Hostel has washing machines. Just ask your waiter for the code. To prevent that, many restaurant toilets now have a coded lock to keep out people that aren't guests.

You can order a taxi on-line or by phone at Bergen Taxiphone In Northern Norway reindeer meat and cloudberry jam are local specialities. When driving up steep slopes, keep an eye on the car's temperature gauge, because the car can quickly overheat. Root vegetables such as carrots often supplement potatoes.

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  • Also most hotel and hostels offer wireless connections.
  • Please note that there will be Nordic twilight during the meeting see below.
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Pharmacies Apotek are widespread in Bergen. Nevertheless, Norwegian cuisine is more than "gravlaks" cured salmon and akvavit brandy flavoured with herbs such as caraway seeds, anise, dill, fennel and coriander. There are 3 in close to the hotels and YMCA: It opens Mon-fri Most banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Conference guests are advised to use the airport bus for getting to Bergen from Flesland Airport, since the airport is about 20km from town and buses are running frequently. Driving in Forex bank bergen norway Many rules on driving resemble those in the Nordic Countries.

Information about Bergen and the area can be found under here. Pollen countsare usually mitigated by the fairly rainy weather in Bergen. Crime Bergen is forex bank bergen norway very safe place. Information about all Norway can be found on the site of the Norwegian Tourist Board. If it is 1 o' clock in London and 2 o'clock in Frankfurt and Paris it is 2 o'clock in Bergen. Please note: Also most hotel and hostels offer wireless connections.

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However, they are very expensive. Shopping Shops generally open May is actually the driest month in Bergen with "only" 15 wet days. Norway has also 2 typical cheeses: If you want to exchange money or cash cheques it is advisable go do forex bank bergen norway at a bank. To "wave down" taxis like in London or New York from the street is uncommon in Norway.

Public transport in Bergen With the exception of Montana Youth Hostel all suggested hotels and hostels are in walking distance of the venue. Food Norwegians are fond of fish. Public holidays May 17th is the big national holiday in Norway with a lot of do you lose stock options if you leave the company, parades and other events.

People living in Great Britain and Ireland are subject to personal border controls upon entry to the Schengen area. All children must be firmly strapped in using approved safety equipment that matches their age, size and weight. Telephone For calls to Norway: Furthermore, hotels offer expensive laundry services.

Seat belts are compulsory in front and rear seats. Information about the public transort in Bergen city as well as timetables can be found at the Skyss. Credit my data team global work from home jobs are accepted at most petrol stations.

Bring your paxforex withdraw and a light raincoat in case of occasional showers. Inside Norway only the subscribers number must be dialled. Taxis Taxis are safe and cheating tourists is not very common. The medical service is very good. Sightseeing Bergen and the Norwegian Fjord Land are one of the most popular traveller's destination in Norway.

If you are taking your mobile phone with you, make sure that it is able to work on these. Although hotels and hostels have curtains, some people might find it hard to sleep. Please note that there will be Nordic twilight during the meeting see below.

Occasionally foreigners are targeted by pickpocketing especially in the crowded "Bryggen" area. All the information given above is to the best of our knowledge. Velkommen til Bergen! It is recommended to park in guarded car parks. If you want to report a crime, contact the local police station or ring Your vehicle must carry a warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and wheel chocks.

Breakfasts frokost usually consists of coffee, breads including flatbread or crisp breadpickled or smoked fish, cold meats, perhaps boiled eggs, and milk products such as cheese, butter, yogurt, and varieties of sour milk.

DO NOT drink even minute amounts of alcohol before and during driving.

  1. All children must be firmly strapped in using approved safety equipment that matches their age, size and weight.
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Banks, post offices and many shops are closed. The legal limit of alcohol in the blood is 20 milligrams of alcohol per milliltre of blood i. You can peel them yourself, pile them on white bread, squeeze fresh lemon juice and mayonnaise on top, and sprinkle with dill.

In Norway, that'll earn you a fine. In many cases, Norwegian embassies do not hold consular offices and the visa applications are handled by embassies of other, mostly Nordic countries. The Bergen Tourist Office is open daily from Money Norway's currency is the Norwegian crown "krone".

Please note that alcohol apart from light beer is only sold at state-owned liquor stores "Vinmonopolet" and expensive even for Norwegian standards. So some sleeping cover for the eyes could be a good thing to bring. Cash mashines also exist at Flesland Airport.

Traffic drives on the right.

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Wollen sweaters High quality outdoor clothes and equipment Snow and rain wear Norwegian "linje" aquavit travelled across the world in oak vats CDs with Norwegian folk music or classical music by Edvard Grieg Norwegian food like smoked salmon, cloudberry jam, be careful about custom rules for food!

For an updated pollen forecast go to Polleninfo and click on the map for Norway. Medical Services In case of emergency, call general emergency. Tourist information General information about Bergen is available at the website of the Bergen Tourist Office.

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Emergency The emergency number for the fire brigade isfor the police and for the ambulance. Allergies During the conference it will be early summer, although pollen seasons of different plants arrive later in Norway than in Central Europe.

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It is located at Strandkaien 3, N Bergen, phone: Seat belts are compulsory for all seats. Heavy fines can be imposed for unlawful parking. Internet Free Wifi is available at the conference venue. Precipitation in May amounts to 83 mm also the yearly minimum. If your electrical devices have other plugs, please bring an adapter from your home country.

Watch out for speed control bumps, they are not always signposted. Banks There are several cash mashines at Bergen airport. If you have any food allergies, please inform the local organisers mentioning it on the registration form will do. In case of bad service it is OK to give nothing. Bergen and the surrounding area offer a range of activities. the best part time work from home jobs

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Border controls can, however be imposed on travellers from all states. It is actually not required or expected in most places. Fish and meat pork, beef, lamb, chicken, and whale and boiled potatoes, usually served with gravy or melted butter, traditionally have defined the late afternoon meal middag. In Bergen it is located at Allehelgens gate 6.

European-style 2-pin plugs are in use. Banks are open from Monday to Friday 9.