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If you have arthritis, joint pain or a related condition, one good option might be to work from home on one, or more, days each week.

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Knowing that you have understanding and caring people around you at work who you can talk to if you're having a bad day can be a good support mechanism. This provides access to an occupational health telephone assessment, and advice for you and your employer on any potential changes at work which would support you.

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Keep in touch with your employer — either through your line manager or HR department to let them know how you are. Also remember that you're not trying to get any special treatment, you're simply asking for support which you're perfectly entitled to in order to do your job to the best of your ability — which will benefit both you and your employer. In cases like this, your employer could give all workers a pro rata entitlement of days off in lieu according to the number of hours they work.

Holidays and bank holidays All workers have the right to a minimum amount of annual holiday, which is in proportion to what full-time workers get.

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It may be that you want to have a different work-life balance, or you may have caring responsibilities. More useful links.

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At this great multicultural campus, you'll find a wide variety of career opportunities that range from Customer Solutions to Merchant Sales, Finance and Risk Operations. They may have access to physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who can visit your workplace and recommend any necessary changes. We also have many company sports teams you can join.

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You have every right to go to healthcare appointments, and it's important that you do, but your employer will appreciate as much notice as possible. You'll need to apply by contacting Access to Work and then printing off the eligibility letter to take to your employer.

Work and families Selection for promotion and transfer or redundancy Being part-time can't be used as a reason for selection for transfer, redundancy or refusing a promotion, unless it can be justified objectively. What else should I know?

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Sick pay, maternity, adoption and paternity leave and pay Part-timers are entitled to sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption leave and pay plus parental leave as full-time staff are. It must be stated in the general programme description; and The internship must be mandatory in order for you to achieve your award.

Training and career development Part-time workers mustn't be excluded from training and career development opportunities. If you do need to take time off, here are some helpful steps you could take: Undergraduate students Undergraduate students have vacation periods in line with the academic calendar.

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You do not have holidays over the summer as you are expected to study your dissertation module on a full time basis. Pathways to work can help people who are claiming incapacity benefits to start to return to paid work.

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This also applies if you are returning part-time after maternity leave. Please access our internal career opportunities while connected to our corporate network.

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One young person with arthritis told us: Dundalk A state-of-the-art center driving fast growth for PayPal in Europe, Dundalk is located between Belfast and Dublin and offers the best of both worlds.

The type of support you get depends on the level of help you need. If you're a part-timer, your employer can set the same hours threshold for enhanced overtime pay as for full timers, so you might not get overtime pay until you've worked more than the normal hours of a full-time worker.

Step 2 Success is an employment programme to help you build the skills and experience you need to find a job. If your internship does not meet these criteria, you must follow the normal Tier 4 work restrictions.

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Keep in touch with friends at work. Take care of yourself during your time off and follow the advice of your healthcare professional s.