3.9 Million Americans – including Freelancers – Now Work from Home at Least Half the Week

Work from home statistics.

Still, remote work seems to overall be on the rise, particularly in certain industries such as tech. Two-thirds of managers report that employees who work from home increase their overall productivity. Dixon said established corporates were leading the charge into remote working, to boost productivity and job satisfaction.

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Every company, and every employee, is different. It often leads to greater employee engagement. If you want to work remotely and you are looking for a company, FlexJobs says there are scams for every one legitimate work-from-home job, so beware.

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Larger companies are more likely to offer work from home flexibility than smaller companies are. Others choose to work into their 70s and beyond to stay active and engaged in their communities. The ability to work from home and the emergence of digital office rental services has led to changing attitudes around where people should work and whether they should stick to the traditional nine-to-five working hours.

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Working from home is not a detriment to productivity or employee engagement. Remote workers are made up of almost equal numbers of male and female at 52 and 48 percent respectively, with the average age coming in at 46 years old.

Austin software company Enola Labs conducted an ROI study and found that employees spent a cumulative 77 forex society signals per day commuting. According to an article from Silicon Republicremote working will rival fixed office locations by Looking at the Bigger Picture From the data collected on work from home employees and participating employers, telecommuting seems to tout many benefits.

Inannual fuel consumption decreased by million gallons, about 0. In fact, studies show that employers who have embraced telecommuting have helped reduce their carbon footprint.

Working From Home Considered To Be Most Productive Work Arrangement

Telecommuting flexibility is more than twice as common in large companies defined as those with more than employees than smaller one those with under employees.

IWG said the study related to full-time employees rather than the self-employed or contractors. Originally published October 5, It work from home statistics be an easy-to-offer benefit that helps your business save money, and attracts top talent looking for flexibility!

Flex workers may lack adequate tools to work from home in inclement weather.

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Two-thirds of managers who offer telecommuting flexibility report that employees who work from home are overall more productive. Married remote workers reported feeling there was a fairer and more gender-neutral division of work done around the house. Hiring managers expect more full-time staff to work remotely over the next 10 years. The result?

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But it is not only large companies hiring remote workers. Full-time telecommuters also save time by not commuting every day, as the average full-time telecommuter gains back the equivalent of 11 work days every year.

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Telecommuting Highlights: Only time will tell for this one. The FlexJobs Data According to FlexJobs, hiring managers are predicting more than one-third of employees will work remotely in the next 10 years.

At the end ofWorkfront CEO Alex Shootman predicted not just more remote workers, but holograms in the workplace. It lowers stress and boosts morale. A wealth of studies, news articles, and corporate white papers that offer an array of amazing stats about goyam forex work and the many benefits telecommuting offers to employers and workers alike.

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Computer science employees are likely to spend much more time working from home than people in other fields. You can download the FlexJobs report here. So that year prediction is well on its way to happening. Chief Executive Money market trading system Dixon said that technology was the primary driver of changing perceptions around locations and working hours.

So Who is Working and Hiring?

Although several companies think an open-office plan encourages collaboration, most employees would prefer to work remotely. He added that the idea of remote working allowed employees to be more flexible. Telecommuters are more highly educated than non-telecommuters.

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Because of the ever-advancing tech industry, skills are becoming more specialized. Distractions like water cooler gossip, impromptu meetings, and loud colleagues are a non-issue, according to an infographic based on data from SurePayroll, a web-based payroll provider for small businesses.

2018 Remote Work Statistics: The FlexJobs Data

The study was based on responses from thousands of workers based in Switzerland and the U. It positively impacts the environment. FlexJobs reports therapy, virtual administration, client services, tutoring and state and local government segments are the fastest-growing.

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Small businesses are also reaping the benefits of hiring highly-qualified professionals for one-off jobs without having to hire a full-time employee. In this report, we break down the latest working from home statistics from Photo Credit: Email this Article Print This Article The number of people who want to work remotely and the companies making this possible are both growing.

Digging Deeper into Telecommuting

Jacquelyn Smith contributed to this post. The numbers: Just a few short years ago, working from home may have seemed out of reach across some industries.

This catapulted my job search as it provided me with the much needed exposure to hiring managers.

So Who is Working and Hiring? Brigeda enjoys writing about technology and its impact on business processes and everyday life. Steadily increasing life expectancies and inadequate retirement savings have forced many Americans in this age group work from home statistics delay retirement.

Americans who telecommute for work are doing so for increased amounts of time. The percent of female and male telecommuters is almost equal.

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It keeps older workers in the work from home claims analyst longer. As to the reasons why they want to work remotely, topping the list are a work-life balance, spending time with family, time savings and commute stress. It meets demands of younger workers.


Work from home statistics stress of working in a traditional office can be removed by working from home. In fact, remote companies have four times as many female CEOs than non-remote companies.

Employers offering work from home flexibility lost fewer employees. A study released Tuesday by Zug, Switzerland-based serviced office provider IWG found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely — a phenomenon known as telecommuting — at least one day a week, while 53 percent work binary options trading ebook pdf for at least half of the week.

But just how realistic is this image?

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And FlexJobs, which has 49, organizations posting jobs on its site, said remote job listings increased 51 percent from to Telecommuters make more money than non-telecommuters do.